Judgment Enforcement

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There are many people and companies out there that have spent a ton of money hiring an attorney to sue someone or another company due to a business dispute, a violation of one’s intellectual properties rights, for violations of employment practices, or whatever the case may be. After this long protractive fight, you manage to get the judge or jury to award a judgment in your favor. Upon getting this award, you were elastic.

Your lawyer sent you his last bill and you are left with a piece of paper that you have won x amount of money against Y, the your arch nemesis. Your lawyer has bill you for a ton of money for all the work that he has down. AFter the cases is over he is devoid of any real suggestions on how you can collection or enforcement this judgment. In a way he kinda just sneaks away knowing that he has billed you for a ton of money for a piece of paper that is of no real worth unless you can collect on it.

Well if you are in this predicament then you need to find a collection attorney who specializes in judgment enforcement. They are the only real individuals that can help you turn that piece of paper into real cash. Don’t waste your time because a collection will only charge you more and then go to the attorney for help. Go straight to the attorney and you will save more money in the long run and guarantee that you get more money.

These attorney have a full understanding on how to enforce judgments. They can find assets, place liens, levy bank accounts, place keepers, and so much more. Its the only way that you will be able to enforce your money judgment into some call hard cash. It might even help pay off the attorney fees that you sent to win your case in the first place.

If you need our recommends, Google “sakaida & bui” and you will find a judgment enforcement law firm that will serve you in the Southern California. They will even give you a free consultation. Just send them your judgment and what information you have on party that the judgment is against. Good luck.


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